LAVA LT-7008

LAVA LT-7008 Review of my slightly frustrating experience with this Tablet

Just bought the LAVA LT-7008 with Android 2.3 this was my first experience using a Tablet went for this one as it was only £60 the 7 inch is a convenient size and I don't need all the bells and whistles like you get with the Ipad .

First job was to install Skype which I expected to be a 2 minute job, the system comes with an app store called the Lava market place which has thousands of Apps, however they did not have Skype, I then went to to download and tried to download Skype for Android but the browser either closed or returned an error something like Null not recognized.

After about another 3 hours of trying it with the Dolphin browser instead of the default one built in and using a flash drive with the Skype file on it I just gave up, I had also tried downloading from the Google market place with more errors so decided to give up.

The other disappointing thing was the touch screen, for me when scrolling though a list of items it kept selecting items even though i was trying my best to scroll up the screen with out tapping on any item this was a real pain and made navigating very frustrating knowing what I know now I really should have gone for a capacitive touch screen instead of this resistive touch screen.

All in all not a positive experience someone who has used Android tablets before may well have been able to sort this in minutes but for me everything about it was just frustrating I read an another forum that an App could be downloaded so this can be used as a Sat Nav but after searching on the Lava market place this was not available either.

Right now the Tablet is back in the box ready to be sent back to where it came from I have had enough its just nothing but frustrating, if anyone reads this who knows where I was going wrong then please get in touch using the contact form and I will happily post the reply below this article in the hope it helps anyone else who has purchased one of these or even if someone would like to recommend a Tablet that is good on the budget end of the market also please let me know.

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