This is just for my info some pages I have bookmarked as I have found them interesting or useful

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Deserving Links

Sites here are ones that I think deserve a link pointing to them
(, and the American Lung Association, who also supports quitting for health benefits (
A front end editor for Revo
Very useful documentation for end users on Revo

Marco's corner : MODx Revolution packages
Marco's corner, at the moment mainly containing information about MODx, a popular content management system (or framework).
Upgrading from MODx Evolution - MODx Revolution 2.x - MODx Documentation
Gallery.Plugins - MODx Add-Ons - MODx Documentation
Understanding MODx Revolution Security on Vimeo
A tutorial on the MODx Revolution security system. Covers User Groups, Roles, Authority, ACLs, Context Access, Resource Access, Element Category Access, and more. Demonstrates by applying concepts to the MODx Sample Site to: - Restrict RSS feed to
The Alan Norman Observatory — Using the Gallery snippet - Part 1
MODx Revolution for Complete Beginners Part 8 – Using Wayfinder to Create Menus | The Coding Pad
Welcome to part 8 of the MODx Revolution for Complete Beginners series. As we work through these tuts we’re building a resource site for learning MODx
Quick start with miniShop - YouTube
This video shows you how quickly you can deploy simple web-shop with MODx Revolution and miniShop
MODx Revolution Basics - Setting the Site Name and other System Settings - YouTube
In this screencast we look briefly at how to set or change your site's name in MODx Revolution, as well as other system settings. This is part of the ongoing...
MODx Revolution Administration: Form Customization Overview - YouTube
An overview of Form Customization in MODX Revolution. It's a high level overview and future vids will get deeper.
Making Sites with MODx - MODx Revolution 2.x - MODx Documentation
Tag Syntax - MODx Revolution 2.x - MODx Documentation
Now other links
Font-Awesome icons are used on the site menu buttons, very very easy to get working worth checking out
The above link has interesting videos about Marine life

tide_tables_2010.pdf (application/pdf Object)Riyadh: Telecomms Job : British Expat Discussion ForumHello everyone, 1st post on the forum and would just like to say it is by far the most informative forum i have came across yet, loads of great of...Engineers / Technicians Jobs - Telecom Jobs from, global telecoms job board and media job board networkthis is the description meta tag123-Reg Nameserver changes - Page 2I transfered out ages ago, only got 3 because they accept Paypal which by the way takes days to a week to register domains at 123-reg using Paypal35992488 gpon-fundamentals-20070606-aSecurity Level: OBA000100 GPON Fundamentals www.huawei.comDownloading and burning an ISO of UbuntuOutlining the steps to downloading and burning Ubuntu in Windows and ensuring the integrity of the download and burn.lubuntu | simplify your computerGet Started with Drupal | drupal.orgMSc Telecommunications - Distance Learning | Online Study | MBA Degree Courses from UK University - RDIFor distance learning degree courses, online UK university courses, online degrees, distance learning MBA, online study and qualifications follow which is one of the largest independent provider of UK university distance learning courses across the world.Motherboard chip set help waqnted- - Chipsets-Bios - Motherboards-MemoryHello, I have just reinstalled windows on my machine and it installed ok but I cant get it online, If I look in that device manager thing it shows the yellow ? next to the lan settings so someone telBBC News - 'Twisted light' carries 2.5 terabits of data per secondResearchers show off a novel way of fitting more data on to light waves by "twisting" them - and clock beams carrying 2.5 terabits of data per second.EasyTide - on-line tidal predictions from the UKHOWindGURU: United Kingdom - Clacton on Seawindsurfing & kitesurfing forecast for United Kingdom - Clacton on Sea

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Music Stuff convert youtube videos to mp3 then download the mp3 file online

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