Scuba Diving

Scuba diving log book insertThis website is now being updated with some diving stuff as I dont really have a use for it now I have given up my dream off making a fortune out of running websites, so I plan to fill this up with stuff that is probably only useful to me and some other like minded individuals.


Here is a printable scuba logbook insert page as I only have A4 paper the idea is a print it out on a4 then cut that in half to create 2 A5 scuba log book inserts, cheaper than buying them off ebay. Click the image to see the full size downloadable copy, when I say downloadable I mean click it a bigger image will appear then right click that and choose something like save image as option, if you cant do that then your toooo thick to be going diving so go and look at cats falling off chairs on youtube or whatever takes your fancy


Scuba Videos from a few dives I have done.

Video below is typical of a dive of the Essex coast this one about 30 miles off the coast on the Gallopers.
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Videos below taken by my dive buddy Bill


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