Toshiba Satellite Pro L850-1G8

This is a review of the my new Toshiba laptop Pro L850-1G8 Core i3

My reason for the purchase is that my old home PC finally stopped working due to a motherboard fault after many years of service and although I already have a Toshiba laptop that also is very old in fact about 9 years old so I decided it was time to replace both with a new laptop. I no longer need a computer for any profession use so I decided that any modern laptop with at least an I3 processor would be fine and I did not want to pay more that £400 in fact on Amazon this model can be bought for £364.64 by looking under the sponsored links section of the Amazon the page view this link >> Amazon << .

I had in fact before ending up with this bought 2 Acer laptops both which turned out to be faulty from new so decided to go for a Toshiba which from asking around a few shops the general idea is that Toshiba is the most reliable brand.

After many hours of hunting around I finally settled on Toshiba Pro L805-1G8 as it fitted in with the general spec I was looking for and also had a better spec that than the other L805 range in the similar price range even though I could not see anything cheaper about this model compared with the others. the General spec is I3 processor 750Gb hard drive and 6 Gig of Ram and 15.6 inch screen.the full spec can be seen on on the toshiba web site here the direct link Toshiba Pro L850-1G8

The laptop looks ok its not to plascticky keyboard works perfect for me the 2x usb3 slots are at the front on the right hand side with the usb2 slot on the left hand side towards the rear. When i first got the laptop I upgraded to windows 8 on using the £15 offer before I installed anything, when I upgraded instead of keeping all the bundled software I selected the option on the windows 8 upgrade not to keep any files or folders so once this had installed I had to go to the Toshiba web site to get all the drivers for the machine as the whole hard drive had been formatted, if you plan to do this remember that even your wireless connection wont work as the laptop will not recognize your wireless hardware so this will need plugging into you router directly with the rj45 lead however the web site is quite easy to locate the drivers required the only thing it wont do is identify your laptop and install them automatically so in total it took me about 2 hours to download everything had install them however I know now that all my drivers and good for window 8 and all that bundled trial software like office 2010 mcfee etc has all been wiped, to be honest instead of paying for Microsoft office I use openoffice does exactly the same and instead of using mcfee I use avast Avast

The laptop boots up in about 20 seconds runs cool it gets very slightly warm on the underneath on the right had side so its comfortable to rest on the lap. Everything about the laptop for me is really nice if I had to be critical the only things that could be improved is the the power lead plugs in on the left hand side as you look at it towards the rear and sticks out about 2 inches and to open the disc drive requires the use of a finger nail to locate the eject button however now I have used it a few times I have got used to it, I used this on battery the other night for 3 hours just using the browser and it still said it had another 1hr 15 min's left.

After having used this laptop now for 5 days I am really pleased with and would give it 9 out of 10. There are other reviews about this model on the amazon web site and also links to where this can be purchased for about £365 mark here a link direct to the page Amazon

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