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    • You know when you getting old when on a Saturday night if the phone rings you hope its not for you.
    • Dangerous criminals who have been deported from Britain are able to fly back to this country unchecked because of failings in a £500million computer project, the chief inspector of borders has said on 09/10/2013. My view is Well why don’t put the jobs worth in charge who run the speed camera vans database catching people doing 35 in a 30 probably just as there speeding up to go into  60MPH limit. Maybe they don’t make some much money out of Muslim terrorist as they do out of the honest tax paying Brit.
    • If you cant do a good job at least make it look like a good job
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    • people build businesses




Words matter. What you say can affect how people perceive you. Ideally, the words you use will elevate you and motivate those around you. They should not hurt you or your relationships. Viewing every conversation as an opportunity to create a positive impression or experience will help you be terrific

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