BT Vision Review

BT Vision BoxThis is a little review of my BT Vision box which I have had for about a week now, I have this box and the BT Broadband line as I work for BT as an engineer and so get this free including the broadband, so no complaints with the BT broadband as this runs about 78mb and hence no buffering on videos and super fast download of large files.

However the Vision box and the other hand is another matter, this week had to turn it off and on twice as the Vision box froze up on the channel guide and would not show the menu of things that had been recorded,the other little gripe is when changing the volume the display on the screen is way behind, the record menu does not show the date things were recorded on and the interface is just seems a bit clunky and not so user friendly.

The 4OD on demand works great until its time for the advert interuption then it freezes, I ended up plugging my laptop into the TV via HDMI lead and watching 4OD that way.

I said I get this for free due to my job however I do need to purchase extra channels otherwise this is just a freeview recorder box, so I signed up for kids channels and a package that gave my some of the discovery channels, well this is meant to be on a monthly basis but on checking the bill I have been billed 3 months in advance, guess this was hidden somewhere in the small print that I signed but still seems a little under handed to me.

So my conclusion on the BT Vision box is this is no replacement for sky, if it was not for the fact they I get BT Vision for free I would never have left sky, not just because there satellite service works way better than BT VIsion and on top of that they have excellent customer service, when I was with sky the call centre answered quickly and they were British people, with BT you get India if you have any faults and they are Ill equipped at best to try and answer questions that they in my experience ended up giving wrong advice.

Unless you get this for free don't bother however the fibre broadband is amazing which you can get though sky anyway.

If anyone else find this page about BT Vision would be great to hear your views please use the feedback form below

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