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Another update another petition 11 Jan 2014 scroll down to see my latest update.

Visiting Colchester

ColchesterThis page contains some helpful information for anyone wishing to visit Colchester and see some of the amazing sites so please note if your coming into the colourful vibrant town for a vast quantity of over indulgence in alcohol abuse and using the SOS bus for free at Tax payers expense then read on.

Please be aware that anyone driving into Colchester will require great care to miss the potholes which Colchester County Council are slow to repair and should you actually make it as far as the town centre and can work out what the incompetent County council has implemented by way of bus lane then well done, the faceless half wits in charge have implemented a scheme then suspended it then reintroduced it in a way no one understands without advertising the fact and to take advantage of this they have put up ANPR camera to send out tickets to people driving in Colchester who unknowingly drive down the new designated bus lanes so they can make money out of the Colchester residents who get unsurprisingly shafted by the Colchester Councils incompetence however on a positive note at least that’s one thing they are good at well done Colchester Council.

Updating this article on 2/1/14, the local paper had decided to have a huge go at Colchester Council this time at there incompetent implementation of the bus lanes, the lanes were introduced then in mass outrage by the retailers they were suspended then they started them up again with confusing signs and they also paid to have cameras installed that caught any motorist entering these lanes with a fine though the post and it looks like half the town has now been caught due to the mass confusion of these lanes, as a result there are now local motorist organizations revolting against the cocks trying to run the council by bringing a legal challenge.

Colchester Petition feedback

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Have a read here how to get out of paying the North Hill fine due to a loophole in the law on the bus lanes

Here is some feedback about what a great place Colchester is to drive in taken from this page  view the page to see all the links about Colchester.

I had a penalty charge for driving down Queen street from the High Street. I did not see any signs or road markings. I have lived in Colchester all my life 52 years and I think the council are trying to kill this town. It is about time someone took charge and sort the shit council out, they are out to make as much money they can they don't care about the public.

What have the council given use.

1. bad roads that damage our cars and bikes

2.bad road system that forcess you to go out of your way unless you are a bus or taxi.

3. Crap bin bags for your rubbish that split if you put rubbish in them so you are forced to go out and buy your own.


Mr BassColchester council have finally put their hands up to their fraudulent theft and have had no choice but to waive all fines and give back the money they have stolen off people as per this article

Also it looks like the idiot in charge is Mr Bass, the cabinet member for highways and transportation. so dick of the year award must go to Mr Bass who should now be sacked. Not only has he cost tax payers huge amounts in this bus lane cock up but here is another story on his incompetent picture of him included.

I am getting my information from newspaper articles and I may be wrong Mr Bass might be good at his job but someone somewhere is not so please note this article is of my perception as a Colchester resident who is fed up seeing public money wasted.

Would like to hear from anyone who comes across this article about Colchester county council

Update on Colchester 11/01/2014

Now the council have been caught out trying to steal money with their bus lane scam which they will be giving back there is now a campaign to get something done about the general road chaos down at the North Station area of Colchester, this time dick of the year award winner Rodney Bass and his team are costing people money with the constant gridlock of this area, strange thing I am not a road planner but there is a piece of road here that is  a bus lane that could be opened up to everyone to try and get something moving a little better. I found out about this campaign on a visit to Adsa where the reception had a desk with a petition on to sign.

Sign the petitionso please sign this petition here.

Update on Colchester 01/5/2014

Incompetent Colchester Borough Council are now spreading their greed to the outskirts of Colchester by influencing the Dedham Parish Council to introduce parking fees to the car parks by Dedham Mill Pond. People have been so outraged by this that someone has filled the parking meters up with glue, however no surprise here that the Council soon found a way of fixing them unlike potholes see the newpaper article on this.

This time the councillor who has defended the charges and is in favour of ripping of the public is Martin Hunt. So now I know what Hunt is in charge.

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