My Knee Pain

So my left knee for about the last 13 months has been giving me some pain nothing really bad but after sitting stationary for a few hours I cant get up and walk normally its really stiff and I also cant crouch down on the knee in fact cant squat at all it gets really painful somewhere in the middle of the joint if I try to do that.

About 5 weeks back I went to the Doctors to find out what they might be able to do and right there the Doctor said you require a MRI scan gave me a piece of paper and told me to take it to the local hospital which is a walk in service I could get one done right there so what I a great start I thought.

The following week on my day off work I went to get my MRI scan done but on arrival was told they only do x rays and the form from my Doctors needed to to be sent to the other hospital, so back to my doctors I go told them the issue and they then sent off the form ready for a MRI scan.

The following week I then had a call from the Doctors saying that Doctors cant refer people for MRI scans and that I had to go back to the doctors to be seen again.

The following week on my next day off I go back to the doctors who tells me this time to get an X ray and that some phisio on the knee could help so I get another form to take back to the hospital so I can have an X ray.

The following week on my day off I go to the hospital and this time I get an X ray all goes great and I was in and done withing about 30 mins and they tell me to call the Doctors the following week for the results. In the meantime I receive some communication though the post saying the physiotherapy department has received my need for an appointment and will be in touch by the 30th June.

The following week I call the Doctors for my results and am told all looked fine. By the 30th JuneI had not received a call from the phyisio department so I rang my Doctors back as this was what the letter instructed me to do in case I had not received a call and spoke to a receptionist, well she says really sorry about this but the people you need to speak to have all gone home and I dont know what to do can you call back tomorrow. So instead I call another number on my letter and someone who although really hard to understand as they were heavily accented they told me I have an appointment on the 5th September 2014 at 10pm and that my Doctors should have called to tell me this, so as of writing this it is the 1st June 2014 so a little wait yet.

I will add more to this as I go but would be interested if anyone else has had physio on a knee and if it helped.


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